Hardware assisted video decoding on Radeon KMS driver?

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Fri Feb 16 22:25:49 UTC 2018

On 16/02/2018 17:15, Pete Wright wrote:
> On 02/15/2018 18:12, ralph wrote:
>> I have an AMD C-70 APU with a Radeon HD 7290 GPU, which seems to be a
>> 6290 clone with an UVD3 video decoding chip. It's been years and this
>> feature has yet to be implemented. Or is it supposed to work with the
>> KMS driver? Everything else seems to work perfectly for me (most of the
>> time, sometimes starting X just hangs and sometimes it's not
>> accelerated until I reboot).
>> If it still hasn't been implemented, then why? Is anyone working on it?
>> Any hope for the near future? I'd love to help with whatever I can.
> I'm not %100 about that specific feature, but there is quite a bit of
> work happening with the drm-next-kmod port/pkg.  currently it only works
> on CURRENT systems, but it is pretty closely in sync with the Linux's
> Intel GPU support.  There is also work happening on the radeonGPU front
> in this package to bring it more closely in sync with what Linux already
> supports but we need more testers on that end so I can't speak
> specifically if it addresses the issue you are running into.
> so, if you are OK running CURRENT on your system you can simply install
> this package:
> $ sudo pkg install drm-next-kmod
> And after installing X and so forth this hopefully will just work. On my
> Intel systems I allow Xorg to autodetect its configuration which results
> in the "modesetting" graphics driver being used which has support for
> hardware acceleration.
> I know this doesn't answer your specific question but hopefully it's
> helpful.


I have one of these as well. Didn't know if it was accelerated or not,
used the radeonkms driver. It ran with 11-1 stable for a while, nice n
sharp screen. What made me install linux mint was the fact that I
couldn't dim the screen on freebsd. It was stuck at 100%. cpufreq
couldn't work with the chip. These two things were a bit of a
dealbreaker for me with this netbook.

That was with 11-stable of a while ago now. I'll give 12-current and
that new drm-next-kmod a spin.

My previous dmesg on freebsd and linux are at


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