Hardware assisted video decoding on Radeon KMS driver?

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Fri Feb 16 17:15:36 UTC 2018

On 02/15/2018 18:12, ralph wrote:
> I have an AMD C-70 APU with a Radeon HD 7290 GPU, which seems to be a
> 6290 clone with an UVD3 video decoding chip. It's been years and this
> feature has yet to be implemented. Or is it supposed to work with the
> KMS driver? Everything else seems to work perfectly for me (most of the
> time, sometimes starting X just hangs and sometimes it's not
> accelerated until I reboot).
> If it still hasn't been implemented, then why? Is anyone working on it?
> Any hope for the near future? I'd love to help with whatever I can.

I'm not %100 about that specific feature, but there is quite a bit of 
work happening with the drm-next-kmod port/pkg.  currently it only works 
on CURRENT systems, but it is pretty closely in sync with the Linux's 
Intel GPU support.  There is also work happening on the radeonGPU front 
in this package to bring it more closely in sync with what Linux already 
supports but we need more testers on that end so I can't speak 
specifically if it addresses the issue you are running into.

so, if you are OK running CURRENT on your system you can simply install 
this package:

$ sudo pkg install drm-next-kmod

And after installing X and so forth this hopefully will just work. On my 
Intel systems I allow Xorg to autodetect its configuration which results 
in the "modesetting" graphics driver being used which has support for 
hardware acceleration.

I know this doesn't answer your specific question but hopefully it's 


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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