Kernel panic with i915 + drm-next-4.6

Pete Wright pete at
Wed Jun 29 20:02:09 UTC 2016

On 06/28/2016 18:23, Felix Hanley wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running CURRENT-11 at r302246 with the drm-next-4.6 kernel from
> at 1c1a9ff.
> After about an hour using Kodi standalone (via xinit) I got a panic as
> the attached image shows. Hopefully all the relevant details are
> attached and is helpful. Image available here:
> Thanks for all your work.

Hey Felix - if you have the time can you file an issue here if you have
not done so already:

Were you able to capture a corefile by any chance?  If so it may be
helpful to post the a full backtrace to the issue so that others can
analyze it.

Also be sure to check out the wiki as that has some tips on reporting
issues and triaging kernel panics etc.


Pete Wright
pete at

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