laptop recommendations for radeon driver testing

Arto Pekkanen isoa at
Sun Jun 5 19:06:14 UTC 2016

I am going to keep an eye out for a cheap laptop. I will use this list
as reference:

I assume that all GPUs with codename of either Oland, Cape Verde,
Pitcairn or Tahiti should comply to GCN 1.0 spec, unless the
microarchitecture has bee explicitly specified.

Browsing eBay right now and it seems like there aren't (m)any cheap
laptops with GCN 1.0 GPU on board. I found two candidates, but they are
both kinda expensive:

At this point it might be fastest (and easiest?) to just get the
cheapest possible motherboard with PCI-E, cheap CPU, add some RAM and
then buy a separate GPU card.

Getting a separate GPU PCI-E card is easy because they always sell them
with the marketing name, and then you can be 100% sure what you are
getting. With laptops the sellers rarely specify the exact GPU model in
a way that it would be searchable.

But I will keep looking for a laptop, if I find a laptop with GCN 1.0
GPU I'll post a reply in this list.

On 05.06.2016 00:23, Matthew Macy wrote:
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>  > > On 04.06.2016 09:31, Matthew Macy wrote: 
>  > >> I have an Ivy Bridge, a Haswell, a Skylake, and a Cherry Trail based system for testing i915 - along with an Arrandale (T410) on the way. I have a Thinkpad e565, a Fury X, and a Fury Nano for testing amdgpu. However,  I have nothing that uses Radeon. After all the time I've put in to Intel (continue to put in :-/) I feel that I would be remiss in simply tossing the code out there and hoping that it works. This all a long winded way of saying please recommend a pre-GCN3 based laptop. 
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>  > >> 
>  > >> I know I could easily obtain a card, but my desktop isn't for crash testing, and my servers are for network testing and network cards don't seem to cohabit well. At least when I tried to put a GTX980Ti in next to a Intel Niantic 10GigE card the system didn't boot. 
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>  > >> Thanks. 
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>  > >> -M 
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>  > I *think* I have one of those as well (is there a 'sysctl' incantation  
>  > that will tell me ?), the board on this machine as I type this, *LOVE*  
>  > it. Just wish the gfx acceleration worked ;-/ .... 
>  >  
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> sysctl hw.model?
> GCN2 is actually supported by BOTH radeon and amdgpu. I have amdgpu loading (and when I start dogfooding that will be the driver that gets all the use), but debugging it is taking a backseat to fixing support gaps in i915. A GCN1 system would actually be ideal as that's something that will only be supported by radeon - at least until the end of the year.
> Thanks.
> -M

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