Haswel / i915 experimental test result

Arto Pekkanen isoa at kapsi.fi
Mon Nov 23 22:46:48 UTC 2015

Weird problem.

I also use standard UEFI boot, and for me it works fine: the UEFI loader itself checks the boot hint file from /boot and loads the experimental kernel /boot/kernel.i915/kernel as instructed. Kernel module load path is adjusted accordingly to /boot/kernel.i915, so that kldload loads version compatible modules.

Your uname -a output lists a wrong kernel. The /boot/kernel.i915/kernel image should be a version 11 kernel, while your version is 10.2. It seems like for some unknown reason your UEFI loader (the /boot/boot1.efifat that was written into the "efi" -type gpt partition in your hard drive) loads the stock GENERIC kernel from /boot/kernel. Without any further information I unfortunately cannot help with this.

On 24.11.2015 0:30, Isaac Raway wrote:
> Yes, /boot/kernel.i915 contains the new kernel.
> I use UEFI boot, grub has always been really hard to setup on
> this machine.
> I used this bit you quote from the page to try to boot into the kernel:
> # nextboot -k kernel.i915 reboot
> But this is making me think it really didn't work because that's the
> wrong diredtory that it is loading i915kms from, and I think we're
> looking for i915.ko anyway -- which isn't listed at all.
> $ kldstat -v|grep i915 44    1 0xffffffff8248d000 6c2bb    i915kms.ko
> (/boot/kernel/i915kms.ko)        537 vgapci/i915kms
> I'll try to find more info on booting an alternative kernel with PC-
> BSD and UEFI.
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2015, at 04:15 PM, Arto Pekkanen wrote:
>> Do you have the directory /boot/kernel.i915 with the experimental
>> kernel files in it? That directory must exist before /boot/loader can
>> boot the experimental kernel from it.
>> If you do
>> # nextboot -k kernel.i915 reboot
>> as root, then /boot/loader should boot kernel from
>> /boot/kernel.i915/kernel -file after next reboot.
>> The "nextboot -k <kernel>" -command simply writes a "hint file" in
>> /boot -directory, which overrides the default kernel path for
>> /boot/loader.
>> If these instructions do not help, then problem is that I just have no
>> idea how a PC-BSD system has been set up. I don't use PC-BSD or even
>> ZFS myself. I only use base FreeBSD 10.2 with UEFI (which does not
>> require installation of any stage0 and/or stage1 bootcode, only a 900k
>> partition with specific type GUID and the file /boot/boot1.efifat
>> written as partition contents with dd) or a standard gpt setup (with
>> /boot/pmbr as stage0 and /boot/gptboot as stage1).
>> I've heard PC-BSD uses GRUB in some way. Is it possible that GRUB
>> loads the /boot/kernel directly? If it does, then it does NOT care
>> about the nextboot hint file at all, unlike /boot/loader. IF (and only
>> IF) GRUB loads the system kernel image directly from boot partition
>> (emphasis on __directly__), then you need to somehow configure GRUB to
>> offer a boot menu item for the specific kernel. Unfortunately I cannot
>> remember how GRUB is configured since it been a decade since I last
>> time had to bother configuring GRUB.
>> You could also ask in PC-BSD forums something like "how do I boot a
>> custom kernel built in /boot/<kernel_name>" ...
>> On 23.11.2015 15:36, Isaac Raway wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've followed the directions on this page to install the experimental
>>> i915 kernel:
>>> https://wiki.freebsd.org/Graphics/Update%20i915%20GPU%20driver%20to%20Linux%203.8
>>> I'm not sure that I booted into it correctly (pretty green with BSD
>>> in general, and only some experience with kernel builds on Linux). I
>>> have a Dell Latitude E7240 with a Haswell chip. Running PC-BSD 10.2
>>> if that matters. I'm uncertain about if the boot did what I think it
>>> did because the uname output still say's it's a -RELEASE build:
>>> # uname -a
>>> FreeBSD sebastian 10.2-RELEASE-p4 FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p4 #0: Tue Aug
>>> 18   15:15:36 UTC 2015 root at amd64-
>>> builder.pcbsd.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64
>>> The driver doesn't seem to load, using PC-BSD's Display wizard it
>>> reports a failure then restarts the wizard when I try to start X
>>> using the intel driver.
>>> I've attached the dmesg output as requested on the above page. Let me
>>> know if anything else would be useful.
>>> IJR
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