FreeBSD 9.1 Xorg 7.5.2 Intel GMA X3000

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at
Tue Jan 29 00:36:16 UTC 2013


Of course I have to find something that MIGHT be the problem right after posting....

It seems that several manufacturers now support switchable graphics adapters or adapter modes in the BIOS.  If it isn't hardwired in the BIOS, you may actually probe them all (!!!)  

So, they may have dedicated integrated hardware, shared resource hardware, or even be allowed to use/see both... including VESA mode.  

(Just wonderful...  It seems they may also allow different EDID info...  No wonder X is getting confused... Heck, I'm confused...)

I'll follow up on this asap, once I have the laptop back in my hands.  If anyone has ANY insight beyond this "MIGHT be the problem", please do so.


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