Applications crashing with "failed to create drawable"

David Demelier demelier.david at
Sat Dec 22 22:46:11 UTC 2012


There is a lot of applications that fails to run with the error :

"failed to create drawable"

This happens with a Radeon 4330 with the ati driver.

I noticed that I had WITH_NEW_XORG in my make.conf, so I removed it and
downgrade to the legacy Xorg. Now XFCE4 is not usable anymore with the
following error :

Fatal server error:
exaGetPixmapFirstPixel called for invalid bpp 1

I rebuilt libdrm, libGLU, libGL and xorg-server but can't get it working
again, however with an other WM there is no problem, and no more "failed to
create drawable" error. Should I rebuilt all Xorg and libraries to solve
this second problem?

Please cc me, I'm not on the list.


Demelier David

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