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On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 6:48 PM, Michal Varga <varga.michal at> wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-06-28 at 20:17 +0200, Patrick Lamaiziere wrote:
>> Le Fri, 24 Jun 2011 09:56:22 +0200,
>> Michal Varga <varga.michal at> a écrit :
>> > Nvidia GTX 460 works perfectly fine on FreeBSD and same goes for any
>> > modern/supported Nvidia hardware (which is basically all of them, save
>> > for some brain-dead stuff like Nvidia Optimus).
>> Here it does not work. Watching a video is enought to freeze the box
>> (using the Xvideo extension). I've tried all the drivers available from
>> Nvidia with various issues.
> Is it possible that your're actually running VDPAU-enabled video
> acceleration under compositor, i.e. metacity WM in compositing mode
> (which is non-default btw)?
> That's one (and probably the only one in the wild) known cause that
> produces random, but quite frequent freezes.
> This is as far as I know still unresolved by Nvidia, but also probably
> very low on their to-do list, for obvious reasons.

So you agree with that Nvidia drivers are not stable. I agree with it
because my roommate has 2 boxes running Nvidia cards and their
official binary drivers. He suffered from the unstable video and the
incomplete Xcomposite supports a lot.

>> Anyway, I would not say that NVidia always works, that is my fourth
>> box using a nvidia card and only two cards worked well (since FreeBSD
>> 4.7).
>> So my question is still open:
>> "Could you tell me a graphic card (pci express) that will work fine
>> on FreeBSD? (If i can use a dual screen it will be better)"
>> Thanks, regards.
> I can only say it again - aside from the known compositor issue (which
> is pretty specifically narrowed down and thus easy to avoid, if only by
> disabling metacity compositing), there are tons of people running Nvidia
> hardware under FreeBSD without any issues, and even by a magnitude more
> under Linux (it might look that that's unrelated, but with the way
> Nvidia builds their drivers, it actually is).
> So, to your (repeated) question.
> There is only one graphics card manufacturer that actually PRODUCES
> drivers for FreeBSD. That is Nvidia.

Yes, and no. Nvidia provides closed source drivers only, and never
helps open source drivers. As what you have agreed with: when their
drivers are not stable, or even their drivers introduce security
problems, you can do nothing. You have no choice but be at their

> Intel drivers are horrible crap, but someone already stated that
> somewhere in this thread (and too much politely by the way).
> AMD, both hardware and software is a joke, even under Linux, where they
> actually have *some* driver support, they're a terrible joke (and nobody
> laughs, especially the owners). Open source drivers for their hardware
> are something... where... well, where you can sometimes display 2D
> graphics. Some of those times even without issues and glitches.

But AMD/ATI supports the development of the open source drivers. Now
xf86-video-ati driver supports full 2D acceleration, xrander,
anti-tears, KMS, basic 3D acceleration... what Nvidia has? Unstable
vdpau? And also, when we meet problems, we can check ATI documents and
modify the source code. Just compare the quality of xf86-video-ati and
xf86-video-nouveau, and you will know which cards are better choice.

> What else exactly would you want to use? VIA (absolutely no support
> under Linux, absolutely absolutely completely none support under
> FreeBSD)?
> Matrox?
> Ahem. Ok, let's stop right there.
> You already own Nvidia hardware (which alone is the best choice you have
> anyway), and from what I've seen, at least a few people already told you
> that Nvidia hardware works.
> It's your choice and your time of course, so you can spend it either on
> trying to narrow down your Nvidia issue, which must be pretty exotic
> that it bites only you while so many people enjoy working Nvidia
> products, or you can spend (read: waste) it on looking for something
> that doesn't exist. The thing that doesn't exist is *other* graphics
> card manufacturer that actually supports FreeBSD. It's your choice,
> again.

No. They are not supporting FreeBSD. They are weakening and destroying
the philosophy of FreeBSD and Open Source communities with their
unstable, buggy, and insecure favors.

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