nVidia graphics card leads to X-server crashes

Denise H. G. darcsis at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 18:29:01 UTC 2011

On 2011/12/13 at 19:16, Gary Jennejohn <gljennjohn at googlemail.com> wrote:
> So, after reading the thread about which graphics card to use for
> amd64 I decided to give a cheap nVidia card a try.
> I bought the MSI N210-D512D2H which, as the name implies, has the
> GeForce 210 GPU and 512MB of graphics RAM and is PCIe 16x.
> I then proceeded to install nvidia-driver from ports along with the
> nvidia-xconfig port.  I used the latter to generate xorg.conf.
> X starts and everything seems to be OK until I try to start more than
> a few mrxvt's.  For example, as soon as I start Opera or try to view
> a movie with vlc the X-server gets a signal 11 at 0x807dc73c3.
> So I then installed the latest, greatest driver from the nVidia site
> (290.10), but it had identical problems with the X-server getting the
> signal 11 at 0x80800efc3.
> I didn't pursue it any further since I need a working system.
> I haven't excluded the possibilty that I have a problem with RAM, but
> I must say that the onboard ATI graphics has worked without a hitch
> for several years.
> I've also done uncountable buildworlds, which is generally an excellent
> RAM tester.  I have 4GB installed.
> So I'm at a loss to explain the problems which I've observed.
> I'm not looking for solutions, just thought I'd report my observations
> with a CURRENT-10 amd64 box.  Don't know exactly which SVN revision it
> was, but I compiled the kernel yesterday (I'm not running it right now).

What did you compile your nvidia-driver with? clang or cc? If you
compile with clang, nvidia-driver can only stand -O, any flags like -O2
will render the system unstable.

Anyway, I am not running CURRENT. My box is a RELENG-9 amd64.
nvidia-driver 290.10 works well with it.

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