Radeon UMS Mode

Thomas D. Dean tomdean at speakeasy.org
Wed Dec 14 20:23:37 UTC 2011

I have an ASUS P9X79 motherboard, Intel i7-3930K, Radeon HD 6840, ASUS
V228 monitor.  FreeBSD 9.0(RC2).

Xorg -configure wants to use the radeon driver.  I know, FreeBSD does
not have KMS.  'man radeon' talks about options for KMS and UMS, KMS
only, and UMS only.

How may I force UMS mode?  I see references on how to do it with the
'other' OS, involving radeon.modeset=0.  
# grep -i modeset `find /usr/src/sys -iname \*radeon\*`
produces nothing.

When I use the Vesa driver, the monitor reports some modes like

How may I use this mode with the Vesa driver?


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