xorg 1.10 test results

Rene Ladan rene at freebsd.org
Mon Aug 15 21:13:20 UTC 2011

Hi list,

I've been running the xorg-dev ports for a while now (mostly compiled
with in-HEAD clang), some things I noted in xfce-4.8 are:
- The title bar for windows turned from blue (if I remember correctly)
to black, which is ok except that for non-focused windows the title is
made dark so it is hard to read the title.
- (hard to pin down): Sometimes when you move or launch a Terminal it
leaves a black rectangle the size of itself on the window beneath it,
which you can restore by selecting the affected window.
- Every 10-ish minutes the launcher icons in the launch bar (Terminal,
Mousepad, FileManager) gets redrawn resulting in a quick flash.


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