Add a dependency on xclock

Kevin Lo kevlo at
Thu Dec 23 15:04:48 UTC 2010

Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Kevin Lo wrote:
>  > Sometimes I only installed the xorg metaport x11/xorg on my FreeBSD.
>  > When I quit the X window, there's a message on the console:
>  > 
>  > /usr/local/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc: xclock: not found
>  > 
>  > I think it makes sense to add dependency on xclock, what do you think?
> There are dozens of different clocks in ports/x11-clocks.
> I don't think it makes sense to install one of them by
> default just because it's mentioned as an example in the
> xinitrc template.  If someone really wants the "classic"
> xclock (I'm trying to avoid the word "ancient"), he can
> install it himself.  This should be a conscious decision,
> not an automatism.
> In my opinion, the xorg meta port already installs many
> things that most people never need.  Personally, I have
> stopped using the meta port and install only the parts
> that I need.  This is a little more work in the beginning,
> but it saves time in the long run when keeping things up
> to date.  On my workstation, it cut down the number of
> packages by about 200 (from 700 down to 500).

You missed the point. Do you have any idea Why flz@ committed 
this patch ?

> Best regards
>    Oliver
> PS:  In fact I _did_ install the ancient xclock on purpose,
> because it's leight-weight and it's a very good fit with
> my window manager (olvwm).  But I'm probably an exception
> (proof for that is the fact that nobody cared to make xview
> and olvwm 64bit-clean for amd64, so I still have to run
> i386 on my workstation).  Sorry, I digress ...


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