X11 freezes machine ...

Jens Rehsack rehsack at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 6 01:08:13 UTC 2009


I had to update my system due a harddisk failure of the boot device
(using a new harddisk). I updated kernel+world and ports (portupgrade
-fvarR) after csup.
After I finished that, I tried to start gdm as usual (and as I did
before the update) - the machine freeze and didn't recover.
When I tried to switch to tty0, the machine begins to "beeeep".

I tried to build the kernel without drm, without DEVICE_POLLING etc. -
I tried to comment out nearly each option in my own kernel, which I
had previously added.
I tried to use the vesa driver and nouveau instead of nv, which I'd
usually used - same results. I added the mem device back to the kernel
config and rebuild, same result.

I didn't get a crash dump, no Xorg.n.log - I don't know where to
search or what to try next to get the box running again.
Maybe someone could give me a hint.


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