Post-xorg-7.2 && nvidia-driver Makefile issues

Richard Kolkovich sarumont at
Tue May 29 04:25:03 UTC 2007

I just upgraded to xorg-7.2, and I get the following errors when
building nvidia-driver:

sed: 1: "s!%%xorg-server-6.9.0_6!g
": unescaped newline inside substitute pattern
"/usr/ports/Mk/", line 3120: warning: "echo %%PREFIX%%/lib |
/usr/bin/sed -e s!%%XSERVVERSION%%!xorg-server-1.2.0_2,1!g -e
s!%%xorg-server-6.9.0_6!g -e s!%%XLIBVERSION%%!libGL-6.5.3_2!g -e
s!%%LINUXBASE%%!/compat/linux!g -e s!%%NVVERSION%%!9746!g -e
s!%%MODULESDIR%%!lib/xorg/modules!g -e s!%%XORG%%!"@comment "!g -e
s!%%XFREE86%%!""!g -e s!%%LINUX%%!""!g -e s!%%OSREL%%!6.2!g -e
s!%%PREFIX%%!%D!g -e s!%%LOCALBASE%%!/usr/local!g -e
s!%%X11BASE%%!/usr/local!g -e s!%%DESTDIR%%!!g -e
s!%%TARGETDIR%%!/usr/local!g -e s!%%PORTDOCS%%!""!g -e
s!%%PORTEXAMPLES%%!""!g -e s!%%PORTDATA%%!""!g -e s!%%XAWVER%%!8!g -e
s!%%PERL_VERSION%%!5.8.8!g -e s!%%PERL_VER%%!5.8.8!g -e
s!%%PERL_ARCH%%!mach!g -e s!%%SITE_PERL%%!lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8!g -e
s!%%DOCSDIR%%!"share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0"!g -e
s!%%EXAMPLESDIR%%!"share/examples/nvidia-driver"!g -e
s!%%DATADIR%%!"share/nvidia-driver"!g -e
s!%%WWWDIR%%!"www/nvidia-driver"!g -e
s!%%ETCDIR%%!"etc/nvidia-driver"!g" returned non-zero status

It looks like that's coming from some of the makefiles in Mk/, but I'm
not familiar with the organization of everything in ports.

I've tried it with a fresh 'portsnap fetch extract', and I get the same
deal.  Running 6.2-STABLE, i386.

Please "reply to all", as I'm not subscribed.  Thanks in advance.


Richard Kolkovich
sarumont at

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