Xorg 7.2 +gtk/xfce +alt key problem

Alexey Privalov lubeg at rootshell.be
Mon May 28 09:19:42 UTC 2007

Hi all, 

have fBSD 6.2-Stable, after upgrading Xorg from 6.9 to 7.2 have a
little bit strange problem: alt key doesn't work in X... 
so, as the result don't work any combinations with it: alt-tab,
alt-shift, alt-Fx, ctrl-alt-Fx and so on...

it seems that it's problem with Gtk applications only (or smth like
that) because Alt-F4 in 'opera' browser (close the program) works
perfectly. Opera uses qt.

there is said that problem with xkeyboard-config and offered a patch
to fix it. after the patch Alt key works perfectly... but it breaks any
language switching...

has anyone the same problem or it's just me who is lucky one? )
and how did you fix it?

thanks in advance.

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