Xorg 7 and symlink

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Mon May 28 07:21:45 UTC 2007


i am hoping you can help me.

i was able to Successfully install Xorg 7 and Gnome
as well as Kde,Using PCBSD.

i shoud have probally installed the
FreeBSD from scratch the way i was taught.

After doing the symlink by hand before the script
Each time i reboot i get a scrolling error that says
somethign about an SCSI cam and
Medium not present Unretryable error
Yes i have the X11R6 Folder backed up

i then did the sh /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/mergebase.sh

i answerd yes and let it do its job,hoping
it would correct the error, but it did not.

i am unable to get to a login prompt till i hit alt and F2

i am able to get to my Desktop KDE but Gnome
has tons of bug buddies popping up

if i hit CTL ALT and F1 i can see
the scrolling error Stilll looping

My fstab file looks like this

i had added the two last entires in myself
after the error

#Device                Mountpoint      FStype  Options         Dump    Pass#
 /dev/ad1s1b.bde                none            swap    sw              0       
/dev/ad1s1a             /               ufs     rw              1       1

/dev/da1s1             /flash          msdos    rw,noauto              0               
/dev/ad2s1             /movies         ntfs     rw,noauto              0               

Thank you in advance
heather valentine

heatherval in the FreeBSD and PCBSD forums

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