Can't get nvidia driver to behave

Graham Wheeler gram at
Mon May 28 06:14:00 UTC 2007

Hi all


Quick summary: I have nvidia driver and Gnome configured - gdm login screen
displays fine but once I log in my screen blanks ("out of range") and I get
the same out of range issue even when I switch to consoles - from that point
on I can see nothing on my display and can only ssh in from remote hosts
until I reboot.


I had X working okay before I installed NVidia's driver, but the best
resolution I got was 1440x1050, while my monitor (a Sceptre x20 LCD)
supports 1680x1050 natively. My video card is a GeForce 6200. I'm using a
KVM but I don't think that's a problem as I have a Mac Mini connected to the
same KVM driving the monitor just fine. But that does mean I'm using VGA
connector, not DVI. After installing NVidia's driver I ran the
nvidia-xconfig utility to generate a config file. I am not specifying any
modelines (I don't know what the settings would be for this monitor); I have
tried with and without specifying HSync and VRefresh ranges, and
with/without specifying tin driver options that I am using a DFP, not CRT.


Using Ctrl-Alt-+ doesn't seem to help. 


Can anyone suggest anything before I abandon hope and go back to the
non-proprietary driver and 1440x1050 res?





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