Problems upgrading X

Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz draco at
Sun May 27 07:17:39 UTC 2007

> I should probably warn you that deliberately ignoring advice that was
> given is unlikely to increase your chances of getting help.

Well, it said it was *recommended* (not required) step, and at the time I 
read the instructions I of course didn't yet know that I would need help 

> I think you've got a couple of options, although I've tested neither of
> them - you can try the upgrade again (making sure you run script to keep
> track of the problems) and post to the list with the exact problem, or,
> if you're in dire need of a running X server, try reinstalling the old
> version of libXft.

I "fixed" the font problem by copying fonts from the old location to the 
new X11BASE directory structure. Once I've done this, the X suddenly saw 
fonts again - and this makes me wonder, what the FontPath in xorg.conf is 
for, if the server apparently ignores its value. But I guess that this is 
not the question to the X porters.

The *exact* problem, as far as I've determined it, is that the 
xorg-libraries package simply does not compile/install, like this:


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