Problems upgrading X

David Adam zanchey at
Sun May 27 03:57:07 UTC 2007

On Sat, 26 May 2007, Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz wrote:
> I followed the /usr/ports/UPDATING instructions and I ran into a problem
> with it. Namely, everything goes fine as far as the portupgrade -Rf libXft
> completes. However, the next step, portupgrade -a, fails, because the
> xorg-libraries package is missing from the system. So I cannot proceed,
> and I don't have a working X either (strictly speaking, it sorta works,
> but doesn't display any texts for the fonts are apparently missing in the
> place it is expecting them).
> Also, hoping that everything will work well, I didn't do script
> xorg-upgrade, as it was adviced in the UPDATING instructions. So
> everything I have now is the uname -a + the list of packages installed. If
> it is of any help, it is here:
> I am clueless, how to recover from this mess, I need some assistance, at
> least, how to fix the font problem so that I could temporarily use the
> (apparelntly still existing) xorg 6.9.

I should probably warn you that deliberately ignoring advice that was
given is unlikely to increase your chances of getting help. I am not an X
guru, but I hope I'm vaguely on the right track here.

I think you've got a couple of options, although I've tested neither of
them - you can try the upgrade again (making sure you run script to keep
track of the problems) and post to the list with the exact problem, or,
if you're in dire need of a running X server, try reinstalling the old
version of libXft.

You'll need to roll back your ports tree to the
PRE_XORG_7 tag if you're using csup(1) - change the line 'tag=.' to
'tag=PRE_XORG_7' and re-csup, before running 'cd
/usr/ports/x11-fonts/libXft && make install clean'. It's entirely possible
that this is unsupported behaviour, so YMMV. You have a few 7 ports
installed (xproto, xextproto), and might need to roll those back as well.

You might be best off taking a full backup of your system, whatever you
do. And make sure you keep track of everything - script(1) is your friend!

David Adam
zanchey at

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