Has xorg-server implemented Damage Protocol 1.1?

Henry Hu henry.hu.sh at gmail.com
Sun May 13 09:18:47 UTC 2007

I've recently upgraded xorg-server to 1.2.0_1,1, and also upgraded something
else. Then things like glxgears cannot work properly. They starts, and then
says "X Error: BadRequest", "Major opcode: 159 (DAMAGE)", "Minor opcode: 4
()". I found that this request is X_DamageAdd , which is newly added in
Damage Protocol 1.1. Then I had a look at the source of xorg-server. In the
file damageext/damageext.c, I cannot find anything about DamageAdd, but
there are things about DamageCreate, DamageDestroy, DamageSubtract. So I
guess that xorg-server 1.2 has not implemented Damage Protocol 1.1, but the
define of SERVER_DAMAGE_MINOR in the patch file is already 1. Is this a

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