FreshPorts beta now displays VuXML data

Dan Langille dan at
Wed Sep 22 09:13:39 PDT 2004

On 21 Sep 2004 at 19:35, Dan Langille wrote:

> I just finished the first cut of the code that marks commits as affected
> by VuXML data.  Have a look at your favourite VuXML entry and see if the
> associated package is affected.
>    e.g.
> This type of linking will be available in production once
> FreshPorts::VuXML is migrated from beta to production.
> I have not reviewed the output, however I do know that the display does
> not yet handle multiple VuXML entries affecting a given package version.
> However, the database does handle this type of relationship and
> I've verified that it is being recorded.  The HTML is lagging
> behind the data.
> If you see any errors etc, please let me know.

We have the first issue.  FreshPorts beta is handling PORTEPOCH, but 
that value is not set correctly for existing commits.  Hence, 
'pkg_version -t' does not get the correct values for testing commit 
versions against vuln entries.

mat@ has provided this which gives me a list of ports which contain 

   awk -F\| '$1 ~ /,/ {print $1 "\t\t" $2}' /usr/ports/INDEX-5

That's a good starting point.  From there, I need to determine the 
date[s] on which the PORTEPOCH came into effect.  With that, I can do 
something like this:

  update commit_log_ports set port_epoch='1' where port_id = 7366 and
   commit_log_id >= 57525;

Ideas and suggestions are welcome.
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