[Bug 240050] Keyboard Function Lost Post Kernel Intense Swapping after Application Process Killed by Kernel

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Mon Sep 16 05:38:45 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from John <jlmales at gmail.com> ---
A quick update.

I have tried using chromium for last week without using firefox.

In summary chromium tends to use more memory than firefox for same scope of
work.  chromium clearly appears able to be able to use at least 3 times the
memory as firefox when going beyond the threshold that firefox reaches to cause
loss or corruption of keyboard or character buffers/translation tables, i.e.
some form of memory/buffer corruption.  The characterization of swap file
page/page fault rates were far less and such that the system was not focused on
mostly paging that occurs with using firefox.

This suggests there is some call or calls in firefox, system or otherwise that
is causing memory/buffer corruption that may or may not self heal by chance.

The characterization differences cannot be measured as I have not been able to
find FreeBSD tools that have similar ability to log the various key metrics as
dstat and sysstat in Linux can.  Be very clear I am not bashing FreeBSD,I am
simply saying I have not found something that will log system metrics that
would enable a clearly more factual presentation of at least the paging element
this issue seems related to in some manner.

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