[Bug 222996] FreeBSD 11.1-12 on Hyper-V with PCI Express Pass Through

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Wed Sep 4 11:11:59 UTC 2019


--- Comment #26 from Wei Hu <weh at microsoft.com> ---
I think Comment 18 and Comment 23 are two different scenarios. 

Comment 18 is a true SRIOV VF that FreeBSD guest OS is seeing. The device ID
for this NIC VF is 0x1571. It should be supported by Intel ixlv driver.
However, the driver on FreeBSD (both 11.3 and head) doesn't have 0x1571
enabled. That's why the driver is not loaded and BARs are not configured in
Comment 18. The ixlv driver needs to add more code to support HyperV case. If
you can provide a environment for me to test, I may be able to enable it.

The scenario in Comment 23 looks like a Passthrough device to me, which in
Microsoft's term DDA (Direct Device Access). I am not sure which device ID is
seen in guest since Michael did not mention. Since ixl driver was successfully
loaded and the NIC works, it was not the same VF as the one in Comment 18. 

Neither scenario is related to the original error of this bug. So it is better
to be traces in a new bug.

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