[Bug 237636] bhyve guest ZFS filesystem freezes in zcw->zcw_cv state

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Fri May 31 20:36:45 UTC 2019


--- Comment #5 from Morgan Davis <freebsd-bugs at morgandavis.net> ---
New instance today with different output from control-T:

load: 0.45  cmd: node 95591 [kqread] 104.57r 1.02u 0.15s 0% 134408k
make: Working in: /usr/local/dtl/src/client/jeromes.com
make[1]: Working in: /usr/local/dtl/src/client/jeromes.com/ts

This occurred in a make process running the typescript compiler (node).

I've had several freeze-ups prior to this but they were similar to previous
ones I reported, so I didn't bother to document those.

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