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On 1 February 2019 20:39:31 CET, Grzegorz Junka <list1 at> wrote:
>On 31/01/2019 07:50, Mark Blackman wrote:
>> What problem are you trying to solve with docker?
>There is a misunderstanding. I am not trying to solve any problem. The 
>team I am working with is using docker during development (by using a 
>preconfigured container they avoid having to setup a complex backend 
>system on development/CI machines). I was hoping to use FreeBSD during 
>the development but it proved difficult. I now have a choice of either 
>switching to Linux natively (as bhyve didn't help) or to use MacBook
>- both supporting docker out of the box.
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Does it have to be docker? When I faced similar problem, I thought it was wise to invest time in development inside jail, so I wrote Reggae based on CBSD. I'll publish a bugfix version as soon as i get back from FOSDEM so you might give it a try. I wrote few ansible playbooks for services I needed in jail like PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, mail based on postfix+dovecot, etc. Reggae is inspired by docker compose and Vagrant, hence you can run multiple jails per project, like docker compose.
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