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Grzegorz Junka list1 at
Fri Feb 1 21:19:31 UTC 2019

On 01/02/2019 20:07, Mark Blackman wrote:
>> On 1 Feb 2019, at 19:39, Grzegorz Junka <list1 at> wrote:
>>> On 31/01/2019 07:50, Mark Blackman wrote:
>>> What problem are you trying to solve with docker?
>> There is a misunderstanding. I am not trying to solve any problem. The team I am working with is using docker during development (by using a preconfigured container they avoid having to setup a complex backend system on development/CI machines). I was hoping to use FreeBSD during the development but it proved difficult. I now have a choice of either switching to Linux natively (as bhyve didn't help) or to use MacBook Pro - both supporting docker out of the box.
> In this case, the problem you were trying to solves sounds something like “how do I collaborate with my team who have already chosen docker while sticking with my preferred OS”
> The problem your team was trying to solve was “how do I avoid building a complex backend system on development/CI machines?”
> I do believe there is some value in mimicking docker without actually being docker and jetpack had a go at that.
> - Mark

I don't think the team was trying to solve any problem. They just picked 
up docker because of fashion, it was proposed by one developer and 
others just stuck with it as it makes their life easier. But yes, you 
can see it as such (as you described).

Anyway, jetpack is based on Vagrant, uses ansible and Go and is 
experimental. As I said, I spent one day trying to set it up and it was 
already too much (they don't pay me for setting up my development 
environment but for implementing code). I just didn't have time to try 
other solutions, and jetpack didn't look like something that could be 
set up quickly (especially that I build my packages, so would need to 
add the time needed to build Vagrant and missing dependencies to it).

However, jetpack has been mentioned here before and I see the code is 
fairly up to date so might have a go at trying to use it when I find 
some time.



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