bhyve manager

Harry Schmalzbauer freebsd at
Mon Feb 26 09:09:14 UTC 2018

 Bezüglich tech-lists's Nachricht vom 25.02.2018 14:14 (localtime):
> Hi,
> What do folks use for their bhyve guest management?
> I have always spun bhyve guests up by hand but now I'm considering
> streamlining the process. What do you use?

Just to feed the poll:
Copy'n'pasting relevant lines from 'cat ~/vm-launches.txt'

I very much dislike utilizing if_bridge(4), instead would prefere
vale(4), but that's reproducibly locking up in real world setups.
So my choice is ng_bridge(4), which isn't covered by any byhve(4) helper
project afaik.
2nd reason:
People are working on native config file support.  There's and
e.g., which seems desireable to me and I liked it very much at the time
of evaluating.
Unfortunately, neither time nor skills allow me to seriously
contribute.  But that's the way to go imho, so I dropped hacking
vm-bhyve/chyves in favour of coming up with small, _bhyve.conf
compatible_ shell parser.  Unfortunately, even for that, I couldn't find
any time.

So still 'cat ~/vm-launches.txt', where my MAC database resides ;-)


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