Issues with GTX960 on CentOS7 using bhyve PCI passthru (FreeBSD 11-RC2)

soralx at soralx at
Sat Jan 14 05:54:40 UTC 2017

> I suspect this is a failure to run the BIOS code that
> enables the secondary power connector so you can come
> out of slot only power mode.

Well, that Quadro does not have a power connector, but
I imagine card BIOS routines would be similar between
all cards in a family, including those that require the
extra power.

Does bhyve not execute peripheral cards' option ROMs?
I guess it doesn't. This could explain a lot of strange
behaviour seen resulting from running in a VM.

How does UEFI work in this regard? My guess is that cards
have to explicitly support the new boot method (UEFI)?
So passthrough with newer cards may be easier? This could
explain why the newer RX 480 worked right away, and the
older Quadro 2000 (and a lot of other nVidia cards without
manufacturer's support for VMs) had no chance -- UEFI cards
are somehow more "autonomous".

It all is just speculation on my side, I know nothing about
this UEFI stuff.

Could you summarize in couple sentences what's the deal between
bhyve and UEFI (if there is any), or future plans?

> The general rule on other platforms is that ATI/AMD cards tend to just
> work, where as the NVidia cards are very picky and unless official
> listed as known to work when passed through you well fight problems.
> Very few cards are listed as known to work, most populars being the
> Quadro 2000, and the Quadro FX3800.  Many cards are listed as known to
> NOT work.

Yeah, messing with nVidia for this reason (and because of the
closed driver) seems to me like a huge time sink. I don't have
the time, so decided to try with AMD for now. I am only interested
in nVidia because it's best choice for a Windows VM I hope to run
(SolidWorks, Altium, etc). OpenCL on AMD is a priority for me
personally right now anyway.

> GOOD WORK on getting as far as you have as quickly as you have!
> Note that the has
> had a small update to reflect we know that VGA passthrough is
> not working at this time.  Also a note about AMD IOmmu/AMD-Vi
> was added, hopefully saving someone from duplicate work.

Perhaps a note could be added about ATI/AMD cards partially
working, to encourage others to play?

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