Issues with GTX960 on CentOS7 using bhyve PCI passthru (FreeBSD 11-RC2)

soralx at soralx at
Thu Jan 12 02:54:55 UTC 2017

> Is the VM checking documented in the driver notes somewhere? I have a

It's not in their driver's "README" file.

> Titan X that I need to run CUDA on and would be much happier if I
> didn't have to actually switch back and forth between FreeBSD and
> Ubuntu on my desktop. Are we new fairly certain that this won't work?

Not certain. The idea that nVidia artificially limits the use of
the non-pro cards in VMs in their drivers are only speculations.
There is a possibility that certain BIOS and/or hardware features
are missing in the gaming cards.

> (Yet another reason to go with AMD if they ever deliver on ROCm)

Yeah, AMD are pretty good for computing. And they don't seem to
limit floating-point performance as severely as nVidia for
non-"professional" cards.

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