Arch Linux UEFI Bhyve Setup

Peter Grehan grehan at
Mon Jan 2 20:58:39 UTC 2017

Hi Vincent,

> I guess my resolution for 2017 is more clarity.
> So what I mean to know with this experiment is simply this: can UEFI
> be used with a serial console (i.e.: without a graphic console), if
> so, is it preferable over GRUB for Linux distros that support UEFI?
> Until I am positive about using UEFI over serial console, I will
> stick to GRUB but if someone coule elaborate on this, I would
> appreciate it greatly!

  It does work, but you have to either edit the grub.conf on the install 
ISO and repack, or get in quick and edit the grub command line and add a 
'console=ttyS0' option.

  grub-bhyve auto-inserts the serial console line into the linux kernel 
boot options which is why it appears a little more seamless.

  UEFI does have the advantage that the system is self-consistent - any 
boot filesystem can be used, whereas grub-bhyve only understands the 
ones that are built into it.



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