Running FreeBSD docker images on non-FreeBSD hosts

Jeff Terrell jeff at
Wed Jun 1 16:05:26 UTC 2016

On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 6:08 PM, Kurt Lidl <lidl at> wrote:
> What isn't really explained in so many words -- the container uses the
> system calls from the hosting computer to evaluate anything that it
> needs the "kernel" to do. So your "FreeBSD docker" image, when run on
> a Linux machine, is attempting to make FreeBSD system calls into the
> Linux kernel.
> You'd have to use some other solution to provide a "FreeBSD system call interface" to your FreeBSD docker image.
> The recent import of Linux 64bit emulation in FreeBSD allows for running
> stock "docker" images on FreeBSD, because there's now a shim that
> translates Linux system calls to FreeBSD ones.
> On the Mac, they have shims that provide filesystem access to the Mac's filesystems, and a virtualized machine using the xhyve stuff, providing
> the Linux system call interface.
> Make no mistake about, docker is Linux inside.
> If you want to run FreeBSD inside a virtual machine, try the xhyve stuff
> on the Mac, or under KVM on Linux.
> -Kurt

Ah, now I get it. I didn't realize that system calls were the
interface between the docker images in a container and the host. But
that definitely explains why the FreeBSD images won't work apart from
a FreeBSD host.

So it looks like, if I'm committed to docker, I could run FreeBSD
inside a KVM inside a container on Linux. Then others who might be
interested in FreeBSD could play around with it on their Linux hosts
via docker.

And I suppose, since I need to mount a volume, I'd need to mount it
both into the docker container and, from there, through KVM to
FreeBSD. Not fun, but plausible at least.

Thanks very much for the explanation, Kurt!

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