-current host, 10.1 client loops

Peter Grehan grehan at freebsd.org
Tue Apr 12 04:08:55 UTC 2016

> CTRL-T in the console works
> 	==> _cpu_0 <==
> 	rip[0]          0x00000000c0b14780
> 	rip[0]          0x00000000c0b14782

  There are the RIPs that show when the system is idle.

> 	==> _cpu_2 <==
> 	rip[2]          0x00000000c100feb0

  This is the TLB shootdown loop:

(kgdb) x/i 0xc100feb0
0xc100feb0 <smp_tlb_shootdown+176>:     pause

  I'll try with a bit more CPU oversubscription and see if I can hit 
this. Thanks for the info - this should help track it down.



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