can we get some interaction between halt/reboot and bhyve?

Allan Jude allanjude at
Mon May 25 06:01:52 UTC 2015

On 2015-05-25 00:32, Paul Vixie wrote:
> John-Mark Gurney wrote:
>> Shouldn't shutdown be used instead of reboot/halt?  This allows
>> various rc.d scripts to run, and you can use that to make sure all
>> your bhyve instances are shutdown...
> yes. but, if the reboot or poweroff or halt command is used, i'd like my
> bhyve's to have enough time to umount their ufs zvol's. the rc.d script
> should pass along some softer signal that can cause the bhyve to do its
> own clean shutdown. but where SIGTERM is used, which is passed on as
> ACPI power-off, i'd like busy (that is, not hung, trying hard to shut
> down cleanly) bhyve's to get more time. the current poweroff/halt/reboot
> command only looks for evidence of paging as a reason to extend the time
> between SIGTERM and SIGKILL. i'd like to give it some bhyve-relevant
> additional reason to delay that SIGKILL.

One option might be a sysctl to control how much time processes are
given between the SIGTERM and SIGKILL.

Right now, it looks like, unless paging it detected, processes are only
given 5 seconds, which is definitely not enough for bhyve and some other
processes. A tunable gives people the option of how long they want to
wait. On my laptop, I likely want to shutdown in a hurry, but on my
virtualization server, I'm willing to wait a few minutes to keep the
shutdown clean.

Allan Jude

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