can we get some interaction between halt/reboot and bhyve?

Paul Vixie paul at
Mon May 25 04:32:19 UTC 2015

John-Mark Gurney wrote:
> Shouldn't shutdown be used instead of reboot/halt?  This allows
> various rc.d scripts to run, and you can use that to make sure all
> your bhyve instances are shutdown...

yes. but, if the reboot or poweroff or halt command is used, i'd like my
bhyve's to have enough time to umount their ufs zvol's. the rc.d script
should pass along some softer signal that can cause the bhyve to do its
own clean shutdown. but where SIGTERM is used, which is passed on as
ACPI power-off, i'd like busy (that is, not hung, trying hard to shut
down cleanly) bhyve's to get more time. the current poweroff/halt/reboot
command only looks for evidence of paging as a reason to extend the time
between SIGTERM and SIGKILL. i'd like to give it some bhyve-relevant
additional reason to delay that SIGKILL.

Paul Vixie

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