xen_kernel, console and X11

Roger Pau Monné royger at FreeBSD.org
Mon May 4 09:38:58 UTC 2015


El 02/05/15 a les 17.43, Roman Bogorodskiy ha escrit:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get Xen running and following these instructions:
> https://wiki.freebsd.org/Xen
> and
> http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/FreeBSD_Dom0
> I'm running two days old -CURRENT and ports. I've installed the
> emulators/xen port and followed instructions in pkg-message.
> I'm having some problems with console. I'm wondering if it's possible to
> have X running on the same box running xen kernel?

It should be, although I had issues while using the vesa driver with a
FreeBSD Xen Dom0, mainly because Dom0 doesn't have access to the BDA and
EBDA, I'm working on fixing this in Xen upstream.

> My setup is as follows:
>  - Intel i5-4690 that supports IOMMU:
>     $ sudo acpidump -t|grep DMAR
>       DMAR: Length=128, Revision=1, Checksum=90,
>     $
>  - vm.max_wired=-1 in /etc/sysctl.conf
>  - xc0     "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         xterm   on  secure in
>    /etc/ttys
> In loader.conf I have:
> xen_kernel="/boot/xen"
> xen_cmdline="dom0_mem=2048M dom0_max_vcpus=4 dom0pvh=1 com1=115200,8n1
> guest_loglvl=all loglvl=all console=com1"

So you are trying to use the serial console but you are not getting any
output? If that's not the case, please drop the com1 parameter and set

Do you have anything else in your /boot/loader.conf apart from this two

> With this setup I get my system booted and at some point I can see a
> login screen. When I type 'startx' the system freezes. Have to hard
> reboot it to get working again.

On which device do you get a login prompt? Is it xc0, ttyv0 or ttyu0?


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