[current] bhyve under VMware borked?

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at xcllnt.net
Sat Nov 8 19:15:50 UTC 2014

> On Nov 8, 2014, at 9:57 AM, Peter Grehan <grehan at freebsd.org> wrote:
> Fusion 7 doesn't have this issue so there's always the upgrade option :)

Good to know.

>> Ok. If we don't depend on PAT-related exits, then I definitely would
>> appreciate preserving the -stable behaviour. Maybe we should not check
>> for the PAT-related exists in the first place? I mean if we don't need
>> them or depend on them to be there at all...
> bhyve does depend on h/w save/restore of the PAT MSR, and this is the case for all bare metal that is supported.
> For the nested case, bhyve used to trap/emulate PAT MSR accesses and not propagate them to the host. I'll look at resurrecting that code.

That would be great. As I said: stable/10 works just fine,

BTW: Can you review the attached patch that moves disk
support from bhyveload and bhyve into a new library called
libvdsk. Once there, I plan to add support for VM image
formats like vmdk, vhd, qcow, etc. For now, it's just
moving the barebones support into the libary.


Marcel Moolenaar
marcel at xcllnt.net

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