Shared CPU in Bhyve

Peter Grehan grehan at
Mon Aug 11 15:36:40 UTC 2014

Hi Jordan,

> As I understand, one of the great features of bhyve is the ability to have
> completely isolated resources where a guest OS can only consume N number of
> CPUs. However, I only have 4 CPUs on my machine and would like to use bhyve
> to create a Linux guest on my FreeBSD host. I don't want to dedicate an
> entire CPU to the bhyve guest. Is it possible to limit the CPU execution of
> a bhyve guest, or better yet, change the CPU priority so if other processes
> on the host machine need the CPU they can have it? Is it as simple as
> changing the niceness of the bhyve process?

  Yes, that should work.

  bhyve also has idle detection, so it should only use as much CPU as 
the guest is using. For instance, an idle guest uses almost no host CPU.



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