virtualbox and bhyve questions

John freebsd-lists at
Wed Apr 2 16:26:40 UTC 2014

Hello virtuals,

I'm running stable-10 r262917 on an i7 machine with 192GB RAM and 10Tb
zfs. I'd like to run bhyve but I'm struggling a little bit because the
latest information is scattered about instead of all in one place.

1. I've read that virtualbox and bhyve cannot run at the same time. Is
this still the case? (because I've managed to start a bhyve instance
with virtualbox still running - is this a fluke?)

2. Can I take a system made in virtualbox and boot with it using bhyve?
The system 'hard drives' are all VDI (the default in virtualbox)

3. if I can't boot it without conversion to something else, how do I go
about it?

4. what's the maximum number of cpu and the maximum ram and HD space
that I can give to a bhyve VM?

5. if I make a VM and put opensuse (latest) on it, is it preferable to
have the HD as raw or as ext-3 (or whatever the default for opensuse
is)? If the latter, is there a penalty in terms of performance or
security? The host runs zfs.

thanks for your input


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