ppp in vimages?

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Thu Dec 3 18:29:50 UTC 2009

Justin Wong wrote:
>>  I am having trouble getting ppp to work within vimages.  Without vimages,
>>> my
>>> box is able to connect (via vr0 interface) and assign it to tun0.  With
>> Which version of FreeBSD are you using?
> FreeBSD 8.0 RC3.  I upgraded it after experiencing some kernel panics with
> 7.1 (Thanks for the tip Julian!).  Seems to be working well so far.
>>  vimages, I assign vr0 to it (continuing with the name vr0 instead of eth0)
>>> and ppp cannot detect it therefore I am unable to request for an IP.  I am
>>> wondering whether this is a limitation on vimages/jails running ppp.
>>> Here is the error I am receiving:
>>> Dec  1 09:24:53 n2 ppp[1481]: tun0: Warning: deflink: PPPoE: unknown host
>>> Dec  1 09:24:53 n2 ppp[1481]: tun0: Warning: deflink: PPPoE: unknown host
>>> Dec  1 09:24:53 n2 ppp[1481]: tun0: Warning: deflink: Device (PPPoE:vr0)
>>> must bee
>>> gin with a '/', a '!' or contain at least one ':'
>> This sounds more like if you had some special charater in the config
>> file somewhere?
> My ppp.conf has the line "set device PPPoE:vr0".  So I do not believe I am
> putting in any extra characters.  Adding the '/', '!', or ':' doesn't seem
> to work either.  vr0 is just the name of my interface.
>>  Dec  1 09:24:53 n2 ppp[1481]: tun0: Phase: deflink: Enter pause (0) for
>>> redialinn
>>> g.
>>> Here is my ppp.conf:
>> which I just started inside a vimage (with a different interface name)
>> and it started just fine in -foreground, even though I don't have a
>> single netgraph module loaded (in base system).
> Interesting.  Perhaps there is a conflict with netgraph.

possibly. but try running 'ngctl list' in the jail to list all the 
nodes it can see there.

as well as ifconfig

there might be an order dependency:
try this:
reboot with no netgraph nodes loaded.
make the jail
move vr0 to teh jail using ifconfig
kldload ng_ether
kldload ng_pppoe
(in the jail) run ngctl list
(in the jail) run ifconfig

and see if the result is different

if so then the trick would be to have the interfsce alreday in
the right jail when the ng_ether nodes are created.

if you do it the other way around it is possible that moving
theinterfaces to a new jail doesn't move the netgraph nodes
associated, leaving them behind in the old jail.

> I've also attempted to use mpd with no luck.  It seems mpd specifically
> calls command '/sbin/ifconfig' and checks for vr0 and it does not find it.
> This is likely because it is looking in the base image instead of within my
> vimage.

it should not be if you are running in a jail as the jail is inherited
by ifconfig.

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