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James Gritton jamie at
Mon Jun 9 22:20:53 UTC 2008

Julian Elischer wrote:
> James Gritton wrote:
>> Could we have a list of what isn't expected to actually commit?  So 
>> the scheduler stuff is out.  Is that all of the struct vcpu?  Parts 
>> of struct vprocg?  I see some scheduling bits in both.
>> Aside from vnet/vinet and the doomed scheduling bits, I see not much 
>> besides the hostname, domain name, and morphing symlinks.  Are these 
>> staying?  The hostname is already in jails ,and the domainname makes 
>> sense in my new jail framework - the morphing symlinks might be 
>> something best left for later.
> domain name and hostname both stay..
> Hostname is tricky because both jail and vimage expect to change it..
> though jail only really expects it to be virtualised to the user

I notice there are some differences between the two approaches, and plan 
to keep the hostname as virtualized as possible.  But really, the 
differences are few and easily merged.

> The morphing symlinks are an experimental feature.
> The verio guys have some work in that direction too that they want to
> work on.... hmmm that's not you is it?

Yeah, could be.  So while it's a feature I understand and like, I still 
prefer it remain for later.

> Loadavg etc. is not "out for ever" just "not in the first commit set."
> as they have not been extensively tested, and probably need more work.
>> Ideally, for integration purposes, the vnet/vinet would hang off 
>> jails that have pretty much the same capability as the vimage 
>> structure, and then other bits could be added later.  I don't want to 
>> worry about trying to integrate features that aren't in the final cut 
>> anyway.
> the aim is that vimage and jail structures would merge.
> as the for "final cut", the schedule only covers initial commits of
> the vnet code, but once the framework is in place more functionality
> would be added.

"Final cut" was a poor choice of words - I too am talking about the 
first commit that covers the vnet code.

- Jamie

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