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Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Jun 9 22:15:36 UTC 2008

James Gritton wrote:
> Could we have a list of what isn't expected to actually commit?  So the 
> scheduler stuff is out.  Is that all of the struct vcpu?  Parts of 
> struct vprocg?  I see some scheduling bits in both.
> Aside from vnet/vinet and the doomed scheduling bits, I see not much 
> besides the hostname, domain name, and morphing symlinks.  Are these 
> staying?  The hostname is already in jails ,and the domainname makes 
> sense in my new jail framework - the morphing symlinks might be 
> something best left for later.

domain name and hostname both stay..
Hostname is tricky because both jail and vimage expect to change it..
though jail only really expects it to be virtualised to the user

The morphing symlinks are an experimental feature.
The verio guys have some work in that direction too that they want to
work on.... hmmm that's not you is it?

Loadavg etc. is not "out for ever" just "not in the first commit set."
as they have not been extensively tested, and probably need more work.

> Ideally, for integration purposes, the vnet/vinet would hang off jails 
> that have pretty much the same capability as the vimage structure, and 
> then other bits could be added later.  I don't want to worry about 
> trying to integrate features that aren't in the final cut anyway.

the aim is that vimage and jail structures would merge.

as the for "final cut", the schedule only covers initial commits of
the vnet code, but once the framework is in place more functionality
would be added.

> - Jamie
> Julian Elischer wrote:
>> ...
>> This diff there includes experimental changes to virtualise things
>> like load average, and they will not be part of the commit.
>> so ignore anything that smells like "scheduler"

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