[FreeBSD-users-jp 96318] Re: FreeBSD on iMac 5,1 2006 20 inch

SHIRAISHI Keiichi siraisi @ cn.kagawa-nct.ac.jp
2018年 10月 3日 (水) 05:07:30 UTC

Hi, Ryow

Did you try (1) boot from MacOS X install DVD and then (2) use bless
# bless --device /dev/disk0s1 --setBoot

I can boot FreeBSD 11 with UFS on iMac(may be manufactured in 2006).

Thank you.

Wed, 3 Oct 2018 01:51:28 +0900,
りょう <ryow @ midgen.asia> wrote:
> Hi, folks
> As this mail's subject, I spent a couple of weeks to boot FreeBSD 11.2 on
> iMac 5,1 2006, and now I'm feeling it's about giving up... But I beg your
> help before giving up.
> I successfully installed with i386 DVD of 11.2 and also succeeded to see
> the first bestie head. I was very happy then because it happened after many
> trials... And it stopped.
> It always stops at the "Booting..." line of blue back under the boot option
> screen with bestie without any messages on the screen and in booting logs.
> No luck even when I tried zfs, ufs, uEFInd or kernel configurations in
> loader.conf like kern.kstack_pages=4.
> I think that I have tried every way in the internet but I couldn't achieve
> this problem. I guess now that it's caused by the kernel and needs
> buildkernel with some options I don't know at all now.
> Any ideas? Are there any other ways to find paths to resolutions?
> I want to use this machine which I got from my friend and already exchanged
> its HDD for the server at home.
> Best,
> Ryow
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