[FreeBSD-users-jp 96317] FreeBSD on iMac 5,1 2006 20 inch

りょう ryow @ midgen.asia
2018年 10月 2日 (火) 16:51:43 UTC

Hi, folks

As this mail's subject, I spent a couple of weeks to boot FreeBSD 11.2 on
iMac 5,1 2006, and now I'm feeling it's about giving up... But I beg your
help before giving up.

I successfully installed with i386 DVD of 11.2 and also succeeded to see
the first bestie head. I was very happy then because it happened after many
trials... And it stopped.

It always stops at the "Booting..." line of blue back under the boot option
screen with bestie without any messages on the screen and in booting logs.
No luck even when I tried zfs, ufs, uEFInd or kernel configurations in
loader.conf like kern.kstack_pages=4.

I think that I have tried every way in the internet but I couldn't achieve
this problem. I guess now that it's caused by the kernel and needs
buildkernel with some options I don't know at all now.

Any ideas? Are there any other ways to find paths to resolutions?

I want to use this machine which I got from my friend and already exchanged
its HDD for the server at home.



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