[FreeBSD-users-jp 95825] IT System administration Dicision makers list

Joel Miller joel.miller @ primedataleaders.com
2016年 6月 21日 (火) 18:46:59 UTC



I was wondering if you would be Interested in acquiring the list of IT
System administration Dicision makers list.


The list consist of decision makers such as


System administration 

Information Security Crime Investigator

Chief Information Security Officer



IT Security Engineer

Information Assurance Analyst

Security Systems Administrator

Forensic Expert

Penetration Tester

Security Consultant

Incident Responder

Security Architect

Malware Analyst

Network Security Engineer

Computer Crime Investigator

Director Of Security

Security Operation Centre Analyst

SOC Analyst

Intrusion Analyst

Security Auditor

Vulnerability Researcher

Disaster Recovery


And many more are being developed daily in this exciting new environment.


The list can be used for Booth Invites, Appointment Setting, Networking, and
for your Marketing initiative.


Kindly let me know if you would need more information.


Look forward to your response.



Joel Miller,


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