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If you are looking for a modern and effective website design that represents
your business in the way that you want, at an affordable price, then this is for you!

Most of our designs are tended towards the clean and modern look in order to make
the user experience as great as possible. Only an eye catching design will ensure that
people will stay on your website for more then a few seconds. After that, it’s down to
an easy to understand layout and organised content to keep them on longer, which
we have a very good eye for.

Please note that the price of your website will be hugely dependant on your needs.
However, we have provided some very rough figures below to give you a general idea
what we charge. For a more accurate quotes please contact us.

Simple professional website - Ksh 10,000 (USD $ 100)
Wordpress website: Anywhere from -  Ksh 18,000 (USD $ 180) and up. 
Data base website (for example an estate agent site): anywhere from - Ksh 30,000 (USD $ 300) and up. 
Ecommerce website: anywhere from - Ksh 30,000 and up.

If required, we are also able to offer and provide additional services on top of creating the core website,
such as Email Marketing to over 50,000,000  Emails, Online Marketing, Domain registration and hosting.

Delight Web Team
+254 7 2 4 5 6 6 0 8 8
Professional Website Developer
Delight Africa

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