Is FreeBSD-current XHCI 1.1 compliant?

Hans Petter Selasky hps at
Thu Aug 9 08:29:36 UTC 2018

On 08/09/18 10:25, Rajesh Kumar wrote:
> No, I am not aware of any changes to be done specifically. But just wanted
> to know whether the -CURRENT code is compliant to the latest standard.
> What I understand is, with XHCI 1.1, USB 3.1 is supported with speed of
> upto 10Gbps. But freebsd xhci manpage says, it supports upto USB 3.0 with
> speed upto 5Gbps. So, just wondering whether anything done in FreeBSD with
> respect to XHCI 1.1 (or) any plans for the same?
> Anyway, Thanks for the quick turn-around.


The FreeBSD XHCI driver does not use the speed information provided by 
the XHCI PCI descriptors currently nor any internal registers. Even if 
the device is 10Gbps capable it will be listed as 5Gbps. If you have an 
XHCI 1.1 device and the FreeBSD XHCI driver works, we might want to 
update the manual page.


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