Intro and question about High speed Isochronous

Marcin Cieslak saper at
Thu May 1 19:34:57 UTC 2008

Engineering wrote:

>  I started using ugen and got most of the code ported. Then I
> found out ehci does not support isochronous!

How did you try to use this?

> 	Is there a new USB stack coming with high-speed iso? Will it work with
> ugen? If not ugen, how do I get at it?

My advice would be not to use libusb, just prepare your own kernel 
module. In most cases it is much simpler than ugen. Have a look at 
simple drivers like uscanner to see how to start with the USB kernel driver.

> 	Is anyone working on a UVC driver? I don't need all the features, just to
> get at the stream data.

You might want to have a look at Luigi Rizzo's work on video:


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