Intro and question about High speed Isochronous

Engineering ee at
Thu May 1 13:10:41 UTC 2008

Hi all, this is Sam Zehr.

	I am an embedded systems programmer working on porting an app to FreeBSD.
I'm afraid I'm no expert in BSD, or any *nix stuff, but I'm plugging along.

	My project requires high-speed isochronous transfer. At first, I thought,
no problem. I got it working in Windows with a generic USB driver, so BSD
should be easy! I started using ugen and got most of the code ported. Then I
found out ehci does not support isochronous!

	Looking through archives, and googling, I see that work is being done to
fix this (and it would appear that this is the right list, as I see the same
names as some of the websites I've been to)

	Basically, I'm trying to implement a limited subset of UVC. I'm open to
doing this whichever way will work. So, my questions are:

	Is there a fix coming for ehci so iso will work?

	Is there a new USB stack coming with high-speed iso? Will it work with
ugen? If not ugen, how do I get at it?

	Is anyone working on a UVC driver? I don't need all the features, just to
get at the stream data.

	I apologize if the answers are common knowledge, but I couldn't find
anything definative in my googling.


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