uhidev(4) update - USB HID driver level for devices with multiple report ids

Mark Hobden markhobden at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 00:55:04 UTC 2007

On 20/07/07, Vladimir Grebenschikov <vova at fbsd.ru> wrote:
> They was failed to load as modules (from loader.conf):
> (kernel was rebuilt entirely)
> link_elf: symbol hid_start_parse undefined
> KLD file ukbd.ko - could not finalize loading
> link_elf: symbol hid_locate undefined
> KLD file ums.ko - could not finalize loading
> see full dmesg -v and usbdevs -d -v in attachment

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for helping me track this down, I had managed to leave
out that that ums, ukbd & uhid depend on usb as well as uhidev
(this was previously in a macro). This upset trying to kldload the

I have uploaded a new patch over the old one. People only need
this update though if they do not have 'device usb' in their kernel
config file.



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