Mono's XSP crashes on browser connection

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Thu Mar 3 19:18:25 GMT 2005

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 01:02:51PM -0600, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> Do you need anyone to test your ttyname_r patch? I can try to test it with  
> mono here on RELENG_5 and see how it goes. I don't know ttyname_r that  
> much, but I can dig in web/google.

If you want to test my ttyname_r patch that would be great.
I don't think ttyname_r() is used much in Mono, but I could be wrong.

As per Robert Watson's suggestion here:

I e-mailed Kris and asked him if he could scan
the ports tree and see what links against ttyname_r(),
since my patch could potentially represent
an ABI change.  The old ttyname_r() should never have been exported
from libc, since it was not standards compliant, and did not
have a prototype exported in unistd.h.


Craig Rodrigues        
rodrigc at

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